Chronic Dehydration

Chronic dehydration affects everyone who does not drink enough fluids.

Dehydration Effects

The effects of dehydration and diseases caused by dehydration.

Dehydration Facts

Dehydration definition, its causes and mechanism. How alcohol causes dehydration.

Dehydration In Children

Symptoms of dehydration in children. When you should call the doctor.

Dehydration Symptoms

All dehydration symptoms and signs. Severe symptoms of dehydration.

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Extreme Dehydration in the Elderly Extreme Dehydration in the Elderly

The elderly are most susceptible to extreme dehydration. The crisis can happen in a day or over a period of a week. Though the body’s loss of water is greater than the amount …

Treatment of severe dehydration Treatment of severe dehydration

Primarily, the dehydration treatment is focused on restoration of blood volume and rehydration of the dehydrated tissues . It is essential to determine the cause of dehydration.
If the body temperature is over 40 ° C, …

Treatment of mild and secondary dehydration Treatment of mild and secondary dehydration

Mild or moderate dehydration can be cured at home if you drink more fluids. Treatment of average and severe dehydration includes intravenous fluids injection and hospitalization.
Dehydration is very dangerous for children and elderly people. The …