Chronic Dehydration

Chronic dehydration affects everyone who does not drink enough fluids.

Dehydration Effects

The effects of dehydration and diseases caused by dehydration.

Dehydration Facts

Dehydration definition, its causes and mechanism. How alcohol causes dehydration.

Dehydration In Children

Symptoms of dehydration in children. When you should call the doctor.

Dehydration Symptoms

All dehydration symptoms and signs. Severe symptoms of dehydration.

12 symptoms of chronic dehydration 12 symptoms of chronic dehydration

The symptoms described in “Dehydration Symptoms and Signs” article are apparent.
However, there is chronic form of dehydration with no acute symptoms. Today chronic dehydration is a common condition and affects everyone who does not drink …

What causes dehydration? What causes dehydration?

The reasons of dehydration of the body are diverse. The normal body’s state of hydration is a matter of proper balance between the water consumed and water excreted. The reason of the dehydration may be …

Symptoms of dehydration in children Symptoms of dehydration in children

When dehydrated the skin is grayish, mucous membranes dry; the urine production and release is reduced, crying with no tears; large fontanel sinks down, respiratory and heart rates are high. In addition, the child looks …

Dehydration in dogs Dehydration in dogs

Water, its content and role for an organism
Water is part of cells, intercellular substance, tissue fluid and lymph. Water composes about 65%, or 2/3 of the adult mammals’ and birds’ body weight, and serves as …

Diseases caused by dehydration Diseases caused by dehydration

Dehydration leads to failure of all the body functions: digestion, synthesis, delivery and excretion of substances etc. When the body begins to suffer from dehydration, the breach of its functions do not happen for a …

The effects of dehydration The effects of dehydration

1% dehydration leads to thirst.
2% dehydration causes feeling of anxiety, reduced appetite and capacity for work by 20%.
4% dehydration brings feeling of nausea, dizziness, emotional instability, fatigue.
6% dehydration leads to loss of coordination and coherence …