Dehydration Symptoms and Signs

In many cases rapid weight loss means dehydration. During some days the person can lose up to several kilograms. Rapid weight loss, more than 10% of the total weight is considered harmful.
Dehydration symptoms are difficult …

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Chronic Dehydration

Chronic dehydration affects everyone who does not drink enough fluids.

Dehydration Effects

The effects of dehydration and diseases caused by dehydration.

Dehydration Facts

Dehydration definition, its causes and mechanism. How alcohol causes dehydration.

Dehydration In Children

Symptoms of dehydration in children. When you should call the doctor.

Dehydration Symptoms

All dehydration symptoms and signs. Severe symptoms of dehydration.

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Preventing Dehydration in Young Athletes

Preventing Dehydration in Young Athletes

Young people who enjoy sports often have a dehydrated body even before they start playing a game. Soccer, football, lacrosse, baseball, track and many more sports can be performed outdoors all year round into the summer months when weather is hot. Young athletes are more susceptible to the hazardous side effects. Young kids can lose 1.5 quarts of water through perspiration because of the intense physical activity combined with the extreme heat. There are many ways to reduce the risks to young athletes.

Parents and coaches need to know the signs of a child’s dehydrated body and take the required action to prevent the harmful conditions of a dehydrated body. Not only can a limited performance of the game occur but can also lead to serious injury.

Thirst, fatigue, dizziness and nausea are the most common signs of dehydration.

Thirst may not be the only indication of a dehydrated body but drinking water before the start of a game or before a young person is even thirsty will help prevent dehydration. Drinking water should also be encouraged in practice, warm-ups, before, during and after a game because exercise can also suppress thirst.

Fatigue and an impaired performance are both mental and physical symptoms of the body lacking carbohydrates and water or fluids. The ability to eat and drink at breaks during a game will help athletes improve their skills, confidence and train harder during practice.

Young athletes must accustom their bodies to the humidity and heat. By drinking large quantities of water, young people will get their bodies used to drinking in hot weather which will help enable them to handle the heat. They should always have a bottle of water with them and a good quality of water too. There are many brands on the market today. The water should be able to replace oxygen saturation, electrolytes and minerals.

Energy drinks may help replace electrolytes but can also cause nausea more often than lacking these drinks causing dehydration. Beginners and athletes can learn the rules for drinking water. Perspiration and sweats vary for each individual. The amount of water replaced during games should be recorded so that people can have an idea of the amount of water they drink or lose during competitions. If there are limited times to drink during a game then it is best to drink the energy drinks and bottled water ten minutes before a game then during it. Athletes should always drink even when they are not thirsty because exercise inhibits thirst.

Water is essential for living, enjoying life, enjoying sports, playing a good game and for good health. Have both energy drinks and bottled water available at all times.

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